Caring is at the heart of everything we do.

In-Patient Unit

On 25th May 2016, we moved from Whiteabbey Hospital back to Somerton Road in North Belfast, home of our new state of the art In Patient Unit

Patients are admitted to the in-patient unit for a variety of reasons. Some are admitted for the relief of pain or other symptoms and will return home when the problem has been resolved. Sometimes a short stay in Hospice can make a big difference to how a patient is feeling.

Others are admitted for respite care to give families and carers a break. Patients may also be admitted during the last few weeks of life when it may be more difficult to provide care at home.

Patients are cared for in a homely and supportive environment. We recognize that people are more than their illness and care has to take account of emotional, social and spiritual issues as well as supporting family and friends. This is much more than pain and symptom control but also pays attention to the individual and helps them in a way appropriate to them. A high nurse/patient ratio together with specialist medical staff ensures the best possible care. Patients and their families can also receive the attention of social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chaplains, complementary therapists, volunteers and others.

The in-patient unit is unable to provide long-term care and every effort is made to enable the patient to return home. Hospice involvement may continue through Day Hospice and the community services including out-patients services.