Caring is at the heart of everything we do.

Care at Home

Over 90% of Hospice Care is provided to patients and families in the community and in the comfort of their own home.

Hospice at Home nurses Sue and Angela

Hospice at Home nurses Sue and Angela

Most seriously ill people would prefer to remain in their own homes. Families are often willing and able to provide this care but they need support. Northern Ireland Hospice can give patients and their families the support they need to help them remain at home.

Working in the local community, Hospice Nurses care for people with serious illnesses in their own homes. They work closely with all healthcare professionals to ensure that every patient receives the highest standard of care in the comfort of their own home. In addition, they are also there to support carers and families at what can be an emotional and stressful time.

They provide three key services to patients, families and carers in their own homes. These vital services can often make the difference between a patient being able to remain at home and being admitted to hospital.

These services are available through your GP, district nurse or any of your healthcare professionals. They include;

  • Specialist Nursing Teams
  • Hospice at Home Nursing Service
  • Services for Carers

 Specialist Nursing Teams

Hospice Nurse Specialists and Hospice Community Nurses are nurses with specialist training in palliative care. They visit patients in their own homes. The aim of palliative care is to make patients as comfortable as possible. Our nurses will provide advice and guidance to help with pain management and other symptoms and help patients understand their medicines. They also have time to support patients, their families and carers. Hospice Nurses will listen to any concerns patients may have about their illness or treatment and will provide information about other available services including our Hospice at Home and Carers’ Service.

Hospice At Home Nursing Service

Our Hospice at Home Service provides nursing care at home for the patient as well as practical and emotional support and respite for their family and carers. Our Hospice at Home Co-ordinator, in consultation with the District Nurse, will assess and monitor every patient’s needs.

The most common need is to give carers a break, especially when a patient’s condition deteriorates or when symptoms are difficult to manage. Hospice at Home nurses usually work at night, allowing carers to rest knowing their loved one is in safe hands. They are also available during the day and early evenings.